What’s the Best Easy-to-Use Website Platform for Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, you know just how important a website is to the success of your business. The problem is that you may not have the necessary knowledge of web design to create a website that you want to represent your business. The good news is that there are options available to you so that you can get your website setup and ready to help your business succeed. This article will take a look at these top 4 options.


If you have an ecommerce business, Shopify is one of the top choices not just in performance but also because it’s relatively easy to set up. One of the reasons why this is a top choice for ecommerce is because it has quite a few building tools for online stores. This platform is only for ecommerce businesses and was created for the sole purpose of allowing business owners who may lack any skill or knowledge in web design to have a website that works for their business.


Squarespace is another popular option for small business owners who may not be very tech savvy. Squarespace provides a well-designed and responsive website that is easy to set up. There are plenty of themes that you can choose from that will help you create a fantastic website, over 100 themes to be exact. This is a great option for a variety of purposes including hosting a blog or podcast. This is a versatile choice that you can count on.


Wix is an affordable option that is responsive, but it’s a bit more difficult to set up and they may not load as quickly as you’d like. Wix offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder to create a stunning website to represent your business. You can create your own theme and still create the unique website you need for your business. Pretty much any small business can benefit from using this option.


WordPress is typically the go-to option for people who want a website for their business. This is a more advanced option, one that may require the help of a professional web designer to get the best-looking website possible. It does have some of the best SEO out of any of the other options mentioned here. So, if you want the best option and have a little skill with web design or have the budget to hire someone, you could get a really great website from WordPress.


If you want a stellar website but lack the web design know-how, you do have options. The options listed here each have their pros and cons. Some are as easy as just dragging and dropping items into the template to create the perfect website, such as Squarespace. Others are more advanced and requires a bit more skill or professional help, such as WordPress. Consider what your specific needs are for your website, then take a look at what each option has to offer you to help you decide which option is the best choice for you.

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