What's in our tech stack?

What’s in Our Tech Stack?

What software do we use to run our business?

Note: we’re not getting paid to recommend any of these tools. This is 100% honest and authentic! No affiliate links here, although if anyone from these companies see this… we wouldn’t mind taking a cut. 😉

      • Todoist – This tool changed my life. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s how I remember to do everything I have to do in my life, and to get it done on time. It’s the only tool I use to create to-do lists for myself. If it’s not in my Todoist, it’s not real. Todoist makes it easy to categorize tasks by project and even has an iPhone widget that makes it so easy to add a new task on the go. I happily pay $4.99 per month for this app for file uploads and up to 300 projects.

      • Basecamp – We recently started transitioning away from Trello to Basecamp for project management because it has more features and is a bit more robust and it just makes more sense to us. I like how it gives you a calendar view of your tasks. We use this for assigning tasks to our freelancers. It keeps everyone on the same page re: progress and keep files organized. The free plan is really great, allowing you to create up to three projects and an unlimited number of to-do’s, which you can assign to others. Back in the day they only had one plan and it was $99/month, so it’s great that they have more options now. Basecamp also integrates seamlessly with Notion, Google Docs and Sheets, and a whole bunch of other tools, which is a huge plus.

      • Notion – We use this to create and share instructions/SOPs for our clients and team members alike. There’s so much more to Notion, I know we haven’t even scratched the surface yet––are you on the side of Twitter that constantly talks about making money selling Notion templates or is that just me?

      • Slack – For communicating with our freelancers. It makes it easy to keep all of our conversations in one place, as opposed to spread across Basecamp, emails, texts, etc.
      • Google Workspace – Google Docs and Sheets makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents. I find it much easier to deal with than Microsoft Office Suite, where sharing isn’t very intuitive, and all collaborators need to jump in is a free Gmail account. It could also be a generational thing – don’t you feel like most Millennials prefer Google to Microsoft?
      • Canva – This one’s a lifesaver. Whether you need to whip up a quick social media post or remove the background of an image, Canva Pro is an essential tool if you don’t have a graphic designer on hand.
    That’s it, that’s really our entire tech stack. This particular combination works pretty well for us. You’ve probably heard of most of these tools if not all of them, but it doesn’t hurt to share! What does your tech stack look like? Drop a note in the comments.

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