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One Hour Marketing Tips: How to Successfully Market Your Business in under One Hour.

Any successful business owner know that products and services don’t sell themselves.  If you want to gain customers, you have to learn to market successfully, but many entrepreneurs worry that they don’t have enough time.  As a result, they don’t develop a successful marketing strategy and their business either stagnates or fails.  We’re going to show you some ways to concentrate on marketing your business by setting aside just one hour to do it.

Marketing tips that can be executed in one hour

  • Develop an editorial calendar

Editorial calendars are tools that can provide structure for your blog or social media posts.  They allow you to pre-plan and schedule posts, plan your content, and track responses.  Once you create your editorial calendar, which can be done in an hour, you never have to worry about making sure blog posts or social media posts go up, or what you should post that day.

  • Brainstorm ideas for posts

Spend an hour building up a list of ideas for content.  Consider your business niche, holiday or season relevant content, gain inspiration from competitor’s posts, or use Google autocomplete.  Find areas where content is lacking and use those areas to create unique, original content.

  • Respond to social media comments

Anyone commenting on your posts is a potential client.  By commenting, they are giving you an open invitation to have a conversation.  Responding to potential clients adds a personalized touch to your business.  It also boosts traffic to your posts and improves exposure across social platforms.

  • Use your e-mail list

Growing a large e-mail is no small feat, so use it.  Spend an hour developing a newsletter, e-mail, or marketing ad to send out.  Exclusive access for subscribers, weekly updates, making your blog into an e-mail format, or an events calendar are good options.

  • Develop a customer survey

Spend some time developing a survey for your customers that will help you gain insight into their needs.  Include your company logo so people know who the survey is for.  Make sure to keep it short and ask questions that provide you with valuable information.  You can offer customers an incentive for completing the survey to get more responses.

  • Batch post your social media posts

Social media presence is a huge key to success in the current marketplace.  To have that presence, you need to be present.  A social media post’s lifespan is short, so it’s easy to feel like a slave to your various social accounts.  Using a batch posting tool such as HootSuite or Buffer, you can schedule your posts for a whole week at once and choose what time your content gets posted.

  • List yourself in business directories

Submit your business name to business directories such as Yelp to make sure your business name pops up on customer searches.

Upping your marketing game doesn’t have to require large amounts of time.  Set aside some one-hour chunks to invest in your marketing strategy by using these tips to successfully market your business.

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