Niche SaaS Company SEO & PPC Improvement

This client owns a fire simulator program allowing first responders to train their skills effectively and safely. The company approached us in April 2020 after noticing that their traffic had recently taken a sharp dip and that they were not ranking in Google for their number one target keyword, and that their Google Ads were not effective. 

We came up with longterm plan to improve their website’s SEO and paid ads.


Our plan and execution

We followed our SEO process, starting with extensive keyword research to see how people search for software like this, as well as competitor research and analysis.

Based on our findings, this was followed by an overhaul of content on nearly all of the site’s 200+ pages in order to incorporate target keywords. 

We closely monitored the changes and adjusted our approach as needed, while providing frequent content additions and updates. to build momentum in search.

Just 3 months into this process, the site began ranking within the top 6 spots in Google search results for the #1 target keyword. Today, the client’s website consistently sits between the #1 – #2 ranked spots for that keyword. 

We also managed to increase the overall organic traffic brought into the website by a significant amount.

The results

Over the course of 1 year…

  • Increased overall users by 49.90%
  • Increased organic traffic by over 25%
  • Increased traffic for top target keyword by 1,736%
  • Increased total organic traffic by 474%
  • Increased Google Ads clicks by 87% and conversions by 57.6% while decreasing spend by 36.8%

Want results like this?

We’re experts at making websites more visible online. Our proven SEO process can be applied to any website, whether it’s well-established or new, and has helped multiple businesses in a variety of industries improve their SEO. 

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