Membership Website

A nonprofit organization connected with us to revamp their membership website. The website was in need of overhaul design-wise and function-wise. The website design was extremely dated and non-responsive, and some essential functions on the back-end of the website relating to maintaining organization membership, such as collecting membership dues, did not work consistently. 


Our plan and execution

The nature of this project was different from our other projects, because we’d never built a membership-based website before. It became clear that we would have to migrate the website from their current platform to a completely new one, while retaining all membership information stored within their website database. So we took time conducting research and consulting with board members about the features they wanted to have on the site.

Ultimately we arrived at the conclusion that the MemberPress WordPress plugin would be a great option to set up on the new website. We learned that it this plugin offered all of the membership features they had on their current website, in addition to some added features that would prove useful.

We also chose to create a completely new website design reflecting modern principles which would look good on all devices. 


The results

The new website looks better, is easier for volunteers and board members to edit, and provides a much better user experience in an effort to increase membership and member retention.

We also were able to seamlessly import member information from the old website’s database to the new website, including membership expiration dates and other crucial details to keep the organization running smoothly with no interruption to its membership.


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